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Applied Surface Science | Vol 288, Pages 1-746 (1 January 2014)

Volume 288

Nội dung

Pages 0944605190 January 2014)

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you are waching: Applied Surface Science | Vol 288, Pages 1-746 (1 January 2014)


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  1. Regular papers

    1. Research articleAbstract only

      CO2 laser coating of nanodiamond on aluminum using an annular beam

      Rodger Blum, Pal Molian

      Pages 1-8
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    2. Research articleAbstract only

      Pulse laser machining and particulate separation from high impact polystyrene

      Saira Arif, Wolfgang Kautek

      Pages 9-14
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    3. Research articleAbstract only

      Nanostructured WS2–Ni composite films for improved oxidation, resistance and tribological performance

      Shusheng Xu, Xiaoming Gao, Ming Hu, Jiayi Sun, … Lijun Weng

      Pages 15-25
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    4. Research articleAbstract only

      Experimental and numerical study of residual stress evolution in cold spray coating

      R. Ghelichi, S. Bagherifard, D. MacDonald, I. Fernandez-Pariente, … M. Guagliano

      Pages 26-33
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    5. Research articleAbstract only

      Nanosecond laser surface modification of AISI 304L stainless steel: Influence the beam overlap on pitting corrosion resistance

      Wilfried Pacquentin, Nadège Caron, Roland Oltra

      Pages 34-39
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    6. Research articleAbstract only

      Evolution of Raman spectra in n-InAs wafer with annealing temperature

      H.Y. Deng, J.H. Guo, Y. Zhang, R. Cong, … N. Dai

      Pages 40-43
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    7. Research articleAbstract only

      Improvement of adhesion strength and scratch resistance of fluorocarbon thin films by cryogenic treatment

      Xiaojun Jiang, Jun Wang, Jinpeng Shen, Rui Li, … Hui Huang

      Pages 44-50
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    8. Research articleAbstract only

      A facile approach for the synthesis of magnetic separable vietartproductions@gmail.com, core–shell nanocomposites as highly recyclable photocatalysts

      Tiejun Xin, Mingliang Ma, Hepeng Zhang, Junwei Gu, … Qiuyu Zhang

      Pages 51-59
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    9. Research articleAbstract only

      Facile fabrication of core–shell Pr6O11-ZnO modified silane coatings for anti-corrosion applications

      K. Jeeva Jothi, K. Palanivelu

      Pages 60-68
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    10. Research articleAbstract only

      Density functional theory studies of electronic properties of PdAg/Pd surface alloys

      Qiang Li, Lijuan Song, Lihong Pan, Yongchang Chen, … Xiaotong Zhang

      Pages 69-75
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    11. Research articleAbstract only

      Effect of complexing agent TEA: The structural, morphological, topographical and optical properties of FexSx nano thin films deposited by SILAR technique

      K. Manikandan, P. Mani, C. Surendra Dilip, S. Valli, … J. Joseph Prince

      Pages 76-82
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    12. Research articleAbstract only

      Atomic scale fabrication of dangling bond structures on hydrogen passivated Si(0 0 1) wafers processed and nanopackaged in a clean room environment

      Marek Kolmer, Szymon Godlewski, Rafal Zuzak, Mateusz Wojtaszek, … Marek Szymonski

      Pages 83-89
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    13. Research articleAbstract only

      The effect of pretreatment conditions on structural, morphological and catalytic properties of TiO2

      Ireneusz Kocemba, Justyna Nadajczyk, Jacek Rynkowski, Waldemar Maniukiewicz

      Pages 90-97
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    14. Research articleAbstract only

      Investigating phosphonate monolayer stability on ALD oxide surfaces

      Brittany Branch, Manish Dubey, Aaron S. Anderson, Kateryna Artyushkova, … Andrew M. Dattelbaum

      Pages 98-108
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    15. Research articleAbstract only

      The influence of different locations of sputter guns on the morphological and structural properties of Cu–In–Ga precursors and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films

      J. Wang, J. Zhu, Y.X. He

      Pages 109-114
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    16. Research articleAbstract only

      Ag (1 0 0)/MgO (1 0 0) interface: A van der Waals density functional study

      Bingling He, Dongwei Ma, Wei Hao, Wei Xiao, Zhixue Tian

      Pages 115-121
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    17. Research articleAbstract only

      Characterization of ester- or thioamide-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube-azithromycin conjugates

      Hossein Reza Darabi, Atefeh Roozkhosh, Mohammad Jafar Tehrani, Kioumars Aghapoor, … Farshid Mohsenzadeh

      Pages 122-129
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    18. Research articleAbstract only

      Coating of biodegradable magnesium alloy bone implants using nanostructured diopside (CaMgSi2O6)

      Mehdi Razavi, Mohammadhossein Fathi, Omid Savabi, Batoul Hashemi Beni, … Lobat Tayebi

      Pages 130-137
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    19. Research articleAbstract only

      Preparation of CdIn2S4 microspheres and application for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide

      Wanlin Jiang, Xiaohong Yin, Feng Xin, Yadong Bi, … Xia Li

      Pages 138-142
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    20. Research articleAbstract only

      Osteoblast response on co-modified titanium surfaces via anodization and electrospinning

      Cem Bayram, Murat Demirbilek, Eda Yalçın, Murat Bozkurt, … Emir Baki Denkbaş

      Pages 143-148
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    21. Research articleAbstract only

      Magnetic chitosan nanocomposite for hyperthermia therapy application: Preparation, characterization and in vitro experiments

      P.B. Shete, R.M. Patil, N.D. Thorat, A. Prasad, … S.H. Pawar

      Pages 149-157
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    22. Research articleAbstract only

      The negative temperature coefficient resistivities of Ag2SAg core–shell structures

      Mingming Yu, Dongzhi Liu, Wei Li, Xueqin Zhou

      Pages 158-165
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    23. Research articleAbstract only

      The effect of substrate temperature on structural and morphological properties of Au/Si(1 1 1) thin films

      Daniel Marconi, Alia Ungurean

      Pages 166-171
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    24. Research articleAbstract only

      Synthesis of hollow CdS micro-/nanospheres by CoSP technique and their visible light photocatalytic activities

      Neetesh Kumar, Viresh Dutta

      Read More: Chương trình ‘Chắp cánh Thương hiệu Việt’ dành cho các thương hiệu tiêu biểu

      Pages 172-179
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    25. Research articleAbstract only

      Synthesis and characterization of vietartproductions@gmail.com and Fe3O4@[email protected] core–shell nanoparticles

      M. Stefan, C. Leostean, O. Pana, M.-L. Soran, … O. Chauvet

      Pages 180-192
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    26. Research articleAbstract only

      Development of a nanostructured lipid carrier formulation for increasing photo-stability and water solubility of Phenylethyl Resorcinol

      Hengfeng Fan, Guoqing Liu, Yiqing Huang, Yan Li, Qiang Xia

      Pages 193-200
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    27. Research articleAbstract only

      TiO2 anatase films obtained by direct liquid injection atomic layer deposition at low temperature

      L. Avril, S. Reymond-Laruinaz, J.M. Decams, S. Bruyère, … L. Imhoff

      Pages 201-207
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    28. Research articleAbstract only

      Correlation between contact surface and friction during the optical glass polishing

      N. Belkhir, T. Aliouane, D. Bouzid

      Pages 208-214
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    29. Research articleAbstract only

      Domain growth of carbon nanotubes assisted by dewetting of thin catalyst precursor films

      Alok Kumar Srivastava, Priyanka Sachan, Chandan Samanta, Kingsuk Mukhopadhyay, Ashutosh Sharma

      Pages 215-221
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    30. Research articleAbstract only

      Fabrication of a super-hydrophobic surface on metal using laser ablation and electrodeposition

      Min Ho Kwon, Hong Shik Shin, Chong Nam Chu

      Pages 222-228
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    31. Research articleAbstract only

      An optimization of superhydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride/zinc oxide materials using Taguchi method

      Adel M.A. Mohamed, Reza Jafari, Masoud Farzaneh

      Pages 229-237
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    32. Research articleAbstract only

      Theoretical study on electronic and optical properties of In0.53Ga0.47As (1 0 0) β2 (2 × 4) surface

      Jing Guo, Benkang Chang, Muchun Jin, Mingzhu Yang, … Yijun Zhang

      Pages 238-243
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    33. Research articleAbstract only

      DFT+U study on the oxygen adsorption and dissociation on CeO2-supported platinum cluster

      Tien Quang Nguyen, Mary Clare Sison Escaño, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Hideaki Kasai, … Kaoru Sato

      Pages 244-250
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    34. Research articleAbstract only

      Rapid surface treatment of polyamide 12 by microwave plasma jet

      J. Hnilica, L. Potočňáková, M. Stupavská, V. Kudrle

      Pages 251-257
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    35. Research articleAbstract only

      Influences of post-annealing conditions on the formation of delafossite–CuFeO2 thin films

      Hong-Ying Chen, Guan-Wei Fu

      Pages 258-264
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    36. Research articleAbstract only

      Functions of Trilon® P as a polyamine in copper chemical mechanical polishing

      Liang Jiang, Yongqing Lan, Yongyong He, Yuzhuo Li, Jianbin Luo

      Pages 265-274
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    37. Research articleAbstract only

      Surface structures and thermodynamics of low-index of rutile, brookite and anatase – A comparative DFT study

      Tobit R. Esch, Immanuel Gadaczek, Thomas Bredow

      Pages 275-287
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    38. Research articleAbstract only

      A study of the initial film growth of PEG-like plasma polymer films via XPS and NEXAFS

      Yali Li, Benjamin W. Muir, Christopher D. Easton, Lars Thomsen, … John S. Forsythe

      Pages 288-294
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    39. Research articleAbstract only

      Treatments of paper surfaces with sol–gel coatings for laminated plywood

      Shaoxia Wang, Saila Jämsä, Riitta Mahlberg, Petri Ihalainen, … Jouko Peltonen

      Pages 295-303
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    40. Research articleAbstract only

      Deposition of alumina stabilized zirconia at room temperature by plasma focus device

      I.A. Khan, R.S. Rawat, R. Ahmad, M.A.K. Shahid

      Pages 304-312
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    41. Research articleAbstract only

      Surface morphology and phase transformations of femtosecond laser-processed sapphire

      R. Vilar, S.P. Sharma, A. Almeida, L.T. Cangueiro, V. Oliveira

      Pages 313-323
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    42. Research articleAbstract only

      Determination of the thermal properties of AlB2-type WB2

      C.L. Jiang, Z.L. Pei, Y.M. Liu, H. Lei, … C. Sun

      Pages 324-330
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    43. Research articleAbstract only

      The structural and bio-corrosion barrier performance of Mg-substituted fluorapatite coating on 316L stainless steel human body implant

      A. Sharifnabi, M.H. Fathi, B. Eftekhari Yekta, M. Hossainalipour

      Pages 331-340
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    44. Research articleAbstract only

      Fabrication of lotus-leaf-like superhydrophobic surfaces via Ni-based nano-composite electro-brush plating

      Hongtao Liu, Xuemei Wang, Hongmin Ji

      Pages 341-348
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    45. Research articleAbstract only

      Preparation and characterization of energetic materials coated superfine aluminum particles

      Songsong Liu, Mingquan Ye, Aijun Han, Xin Chen

      Pages 349-355
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    46. Research articleAbstract only

      Cassava root husks powder as green adsorbent for the removal of Cu(II) from natural river water

      A.O. Jorgetto, R.I.V. Silva, M.J. Saeki, R.C. Barbosa, … G.R. Castro

      Pages 356-362
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    47. Research articleAbstract only

      Contrastive study of structure and photocatalytic performance with three-dimensionally ordered macroporous CuO–TiO2 and CuO/TiO2

      Renchun Yang, Liangjun Yang, Tingxian Tao, Fengyun Ma, … Zhihua Zhang

      Pages 363-368
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    48. Research articleAbstract only

      Solvothermal synthesis of BiOBr thin film and its photocatalytic performance

      ZhangSheng Liu, BianTao Wu, JiNan Niu, Xu Huang, YaBo Zhu

      Pages 369-372
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    49. Research articleAbstract only

      Functionalisation of mesoporous silica gel with 2-[(phosphonomethyl)-amino]acetic acid functional groups. Characterisation and application

      Dario Caldarola, Dimitar P. Mitev, Lucile Marlin, Ekaterina P. Nesterenko, … Pavel N. Nesterenko

      Pages 373-380
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    50. Research articleAbstract only

      Elimination of impurity phase formation in FePt magnetic thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition

      Ying Wang, Rohit Medwal, Neeru Sehdev, Boluo Yadian, … R.S. Rawat

      Pages 381-391
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    51. Research articleAbstract only

      Surface and interface study of U/Si (1 1 1)

      Qiuyun Chen, Wei Feng, Xiegang Zhu, Lizhu Luo, … Xinchun Lai

      Pages 392-397
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    52. Research articleAbstract only

      Phase transformation-induced crystal plane effect of iron oxide micropine dendrites on gaseous toluene photocatalytic oxidation

      Hongjing Wu, Liuding Wang

      Pages 398-404
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    53. Research articleAbstract only

      Neutron-reflectometry study of alcohol adsorption on various DLC coatings

      M. Kalin, R. Simič, T. Hirayama, T. Geue, P. Korelis

      Pages 405-410
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    54. Research articleAbstract only

      Impact of rapid thermal annealing on structural, optical and electrical properties of DC sputtered doped and co-doped ZnO thin film

      Chandan Ashis Gupta, Sutanu Mangal, Udai P. Singh

      Pages 411-415
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    55. Research articleAbstract only

      Influence of accelerating gas flow rate on the particle cohesion in room temperature cold sprayed scattering layer for plastic-based dye-sensitized solar cells

      Xue-Long He, Guan-Jun Yang, Chang-Jiu Li, Cheng-Xin Li

      Pages 416-422
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    56. Research articleAbstract only

      Low energy SIMS characterization of passive oxide films formed on a low-nickel stainless steel in alkaline media

      S. Fajardo, D.M. Bastidas, M.P. Ryan, M. Criado, … J.M. Bastidas

      Pages 423-429
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    57. Research articleAbstract only

      Atomic layer deposited Al2O3 films for anti-reflectance and surface passivation applications

      Li Qiang Zhu, Yang Hui Liu, Hong Liang Zhang, Hui Xiao, Li Qiang Guo

      Pages 430-434
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    58. Research articleAbstract only

      The origin of the curing behavior, mechanical and thermal properties of surface functionalized attapulgite/bismaleimide/diallylbisphenol composites

      Lin Zhao, Ping Liu, Guozheng Liang, Aijuan Gu, … Qingbao Guan

      Pages 435-443
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    59. Research articleAbstract only

      Optically active SiO2/TiO2/polyacetylene multilayered nanospheres: Preparation, characterization, and application for low infrared emissivity

      Xiaohai Bu, Yuming Zhou, Man He, Zhenjie Chen, Tao Zhang

      Pages 444-451
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    60. Research articleAbstract only

      Density functional theory study on the mechanism of CO sensing on Cu2O (1 1 1) surface: Influence of the pre-adsorbed oxygen atom

      Yaoyao Shen, Feng Hui Tian, Shougang Chen, Zhenqing Ma, … Xiangfeng Jia

      Pages 452-457
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    61. Research articleAbstract only

      Instrument response of reflection high energy electron diffraction pole figure

      L. Chen, J. Dash, P. Su, C.F. Lin, … G.-C. Wang

      Pages 458-465
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    62. Research articleAbstract only

      Surface characterization and effectiveness evaluation of anti-graffiti coatings on highly porous stone materials

      Mariateresa Lettieri, Maurizio Masieri

      Pages 466-477
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    63. Research articleAbstract only

      Structural stability of scandium on nonpolar GaN (112¯0) and (101¯0) surfaces: A first-principles study

      Rafael González-Hernández, Gustavo Martínez, William López-Perez, Jairo Arbey Rodriguez

      Pages 478-481
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    64. Research articleAbstract only

      Effects of Si doping on the strain relaxation of metamorphic (Al)GaInP buffers grown on GaAs substrates

      K.L. Li, J.R. Dong, Y.R. Sun, X.L. Zeng, … H. Yang

      Pages 482-487
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    65. Research articleAbstract only

      Correlation between wetting, adhesion and adsorption in the polymer–aqueous solutions of ternary surfactant mixtures–air systems

      Katarzyna Szymczyk, Anna Zdziennicka, Joanna Krawczyk, Bronisław Jańczuk

      Pages 488-496
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    66. Research articleAbstract only

      Protection of aluminium foil AA8021 by molybdate-based conversion coatings

      Chang-Sheng Liang, Zhong-Fei Lv, Ye-Ling Zhu, Shi-Ai Xu, Hong Wang

      Pages 497-502
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    67. Read More: cMetric – A Social Listening Platform

      Research articleAbstract only

      The photoactivity of titanium dioxide coatings with silver nanoparticles prepared by sol–gel and reactive magnetron sputtering methods – comparative studies

      Kinga Kądzioła, Ireneusz Piwoński, Aneta Kisielewska, Dominik Szczukocki, … Jan Sielski

      Pages 503-512
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    68. Research articleAbstract only

      Electrodeposition preparation of Ag nanoparticles loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays with enhanced photocatalytic performance

      Xu Liu, Zhongqing Liu, Jinlin Lu, Xuelian Wu, … Wei Chu

      Pages 513-517
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    69. Research articleAbstract only

      Synthesis of novel reactive N-halamine precursors and application in antimicrobial cellulose

      Zhiming Jiang, Kaikai Ma, Jinmei Du, Rong Li, … T.S. Huang

      Pages 518-523
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    70. Research articleAbstract only

      Gold nanoparticles directly modified glassy carbon electrode for non-enzymatic detection of glucose

      Gang Chang, Honghui Shu, Kai Ji, Munetaka Oyama, … Yunbin He

      Pages 524-529
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    71. Research articleAbstract only

      Electrodeposition mechanism and characterization of Ni–Cu alloy coatings from a eutectic-based ionic liquid

      Shaohua Wang, Xingwu Guo, Haiyan Yang, JiChun Dai, … Wenjiang Ding

      Pages 530-536
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    72. Research articleAbstract only

      Influence of poly(ethylene glycol) as pore-generator on morphology and performance of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) membrane adsorbents

      E. Salehi, S.S. Madaeni

      Pages 537-541
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    73. Research articleAbstract only

      Surface modifications induced by pulsed-laser texturing—Influence of laser impact on the surface properties

      S. Costil, A. Lamraoui, C. Langlade, O. Heintz, R. Oltra

      Pages 542-549
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    74. Research articleAbstract only

      Craters and nanostructures with laser ablation of metal/metal alloy in air and liquid

      D.N. Patel, Ravi Pratap Singh, Raj K. Thareja

      Pages 550-557
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    75. Research articleAbstract only

      Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic Bi/Bi2O3 surfaces with hierarchical micro-nanostructures by electroless deposition or electrodeposition

      Ling Cao, Xiaoqing Lu, Fang Pu, Xiangle Yin, … Zelin Li

      Pages 558-563
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    76. Research articleAbstract only

      Atomic scale insights into ethanol oxidation on Pt, Pd and Au metallic nanofilms: A DFT with van der Waals interactions

      Aline O. Pereira, Caetano R. Miranda

      Pages 564-571
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    77. Research articleAbstract only

      Pulsed laser deposition of piezoelectric ZnO thin films for bulk acoustic wave devices

      Rafik Serhane, Samira Abdelli-Messaci, Slimane Lafane, Hammouche Khales, … Tarek Boutkedjirt

      Pages 572-578
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    78. Research articleAbstract only

      Superhydrophobic PDMS surfaces with three-dimensional (3D) pattern-dependent controllable adhesion

      Jiale Yong, Qing Yang, Feng Chen, Dongshi Zhang, … Xun Hou

      Pages 579-583
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    79. Research articleAbstract only

      Structural and chemical transformations in the products of the interaction of silica gel with vapours of TiCl4 and H2O

      Yury M. Koshtyal, Anatoly A. Malkov, Jean-Marie Taulemesse, Sergey N. Petrov, … Anatoly A. Malygin

      Pages 584-590
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    80. Research articleAbstract only

      Theoretical and experimental analysis of electric contact surface hardening of ductile iron

      Xiaoben Qi, Shigen Zhu, Hao Ding, Mengkuo Xu

      Pages 591-598
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    81. Research articleAbstract only

      Structural, optical and electrical characterization of ITO, ITO/Ag and ITO/Ni transparent conductive electrodes

      Ahmad Hadi Ali, Ahmad Shuhaimi, Zainuriah Hassan

      Pages 599-603
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    82. Research articleAbstract only

      Preparation of indium tin oxide anodes using energy filtrating technique for top-emitting organic light-emitting diode

      Wang Zhaoyong, Yao Ning, Han Changbao, Hu Xing

      Pages 604-608
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    83. Research articleAbstract only

      First-principles investigations on the electronic properties and stabilities of low-index surfaces of L12–Al3Sc intermetallic

      S.P. Sun, X.P. Li, H.J. Wang, H.F. Jiang, … D.Q. Yi

      Pages 609-618
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    84. Research articleAbstract only

      Fabrication of patterned surfaces that exhibit variable wettability ranging from superhydrophobicity to high hydrophilicity by laser irradiation

      Changwoo Lee, Handong Cho, Dongseob Kim, Woonbong Hwang

      Pages 619-624
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    85. Research articleAbstract only

      Ultrasound assisted green synthesis of poly(vinyl alcohol) capped silver nanoparticles for the study of its antifilarial efficacy

      Swadhin Kr. Saha, Pranesh Chowdhury, Prasanta Saini, Santi P. Sinha Babu

      Pages 625-632
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    86. Research articleAbstract only

      Enhanced wet hydrogen peroxide catalytic oxidation performances based on CuS nanocrystals/reduced graphene oxide composites

      Jing Qian, Kun Wang, Qingmeng Guan, Henan Li, … Baijing Qiu

      Pages 633-640
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    87. Research articleAbstract only

      Magnetic nanoparticles with surfaces modified with chitosan–poly[N-benzyl-2-(methacryloxy)-N,N-dimethylethanaminium bromide] for lipase immobilization

      Marta Ziegler-Borowska, Tomasz Siódmiak, Dorota Chełminiak, Aleksandra Cyganiuk, Michał P. Marszałł

      Pages 641-648
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    88. Research articleAbstract only

      Cell spreading on titanium dioxide film formed and modified with aerosol beam and femtosecond laser

      Togo Shinonaga, Masahiro Tsukamoto, Akiko Nagai, Kimihiro Yamashita, … Nobuyuki Abe

      Pages 649-653
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    89. Research articleAbstract only

      Influence of anodization parameters on the volume expansion of anodic aluminum oxide formed in mixed solution of phosphoric and oxalic acids

      Tzung-Ta Kao, Yao-Chung Chang

      Pages 654-659
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    90. Research articleAbstract only

      Role of surfactant-mediated electrodeposited titanium oxide substrate in improving electrocatalytic features of supported platinum particles

      Tanţa Spătaru, Loredana Preda, Petre Osiceanu, Cornel Munteanu, … Nicolae Spătaru

      Pages 660-665
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    91. Research articleAbstract only

      Effects of carbon fiber surface characteristics on interfacial bonding of epoxy resin composite subjected to hygrothermal treatments

      Min Li, Hongxin Liu, Yizhuo Gu, Yanxia Li, Zuoguang Zhang

      Pages 666-672
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    92. Research articleAbstract only

      Decomposition of SnH4 molecules on metal and metal–oxide surfaces

      D. Ugur, A.J. Storm, R. Verberk, J.C. Brouwer, W.G. Sloof

      Pages 673-676
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    93. Research articleAbstract only

      Comparison of surface effects in SiO2 coated and uncoated nickel ferrite nanoparticles

      K. Nadeem, H. Krenn, W. Sarwar, M. Mumtaz

      Pages 677-681
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    94. Research articleAbstract only

      Influence of silane surface modification of veneer on interfacial adhesion of wood–plastic plywood

      Lu Fang, Liang Chang, Wen-jing Guo, Yongping Chen, Zheng Wang

      Pages 682-689
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    95. Research articleAbstract only

      NH3 adsorption on the Lewis and Bronsted acid sites of MoO3 (0 1 0) surface: A cluster DFT study

      Zhifeng Yan, Junyan Fan, Zhijun Zuo, Zhe Li, Jinshan Zhang

      Pages 690-694
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    96. Research articleAbstract only

      X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of Sm-doped layered perovskite for intermediate temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cell

      Yongmin Kim, Harald Schlegl, Keunsoo Kim, John T.S. Irvine, Jung Hyun Kim

      Pages 695-701
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    97. Research articleAbstract only

      Catalytic growth of carbon nanowires on composite diamond/silicon substrates

      Amine Sellam, Patrice Miska, Jaafar Ghanbaja, Silvère Barrat

      Pages 702-709
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    98. Research articleAbstract only

      Acetate-intercalated Ni–In layered double hydroxides with low infrared emissivity: Synthesis, delamination and restacked to form the multilayer films

      Yongjuan Wang, Yuming Zhou, Tao Zhang, Man He, … Xiaoming Yang

      Pages 710-717
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    99. Research articleAbstract only

      In vitro degradation and biocompatibility of a strontium-containing micro-arc oxidation coating on the biodegradable ZK60 magnesium alloy

      Xiao Lin, Xiaoming Yang, Lili Tan, Mei Li, … Jianhong Qiu

      Pages 718-726
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